Wildwest Solitaire

Wildwest Solitaire is a new Facebook solitaire game by Pangalore where you can show of your card skills in this dynamic game that combines Solitaire with an exciting new cowboy twist. You can participate in tournaments with your friends and catch some outlaws while you’re at it!

WildWest Solitaire is a solitaire card game and shooter game all in one! Great graphics challenging cards puzzles and fast shooting action skills, with extra features to increase the gameplay experience for players.


To start you have a long term goal, to reach Oregon City, in order to achieve this you will have to overcome multiple stages, in each stage or level you have to beat and outlaw to progress to the next stage of your journey. The game also adds some extra features like jokers and the option to re-shuffle the board.

Each level you play will give you experience to level up and get rewards, also there are 3 different levels of achievement in each duel, the better you perform the great will be the achievement for that level.

After you clear the board you get to play a mini game, where you have to shoot badges in the right order, as quick as you can before the time runs out, besides being very well done and playable, this provides a great twist and variation in the game, with a completely different game style.

With your friends you can exchance numbered cards and mix deck to improve your chances of success.

WildWest Solitaire features two game modes, Weekly tournament with your friends for prizes every week or mission mode.

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