Wasteland Empires

Wasteland Empires is a free-to-play browser strategy game on Facebook platform, with great resemblance to the PC game Fallout series. In a post-apocalyptic fight for survival, build out defenses and crush opponents, 53 years have passed since the great cataclysm, the land is consumed by shadow and ash, and you are in charge of a small group of nomads, in a world where water is precious, finding a source of water bring hope and a reason to establish roots, your mission is to grow your place in a adverse environment.

Start the by placing the main well, which will provide water for the settlement, then you have to go under some simple tutorial tasks, to get used to the gameplay, the core of the gameplay is pretty much equal to other strategy games you can find on Facebook, build structures, collect resources and expand your settlement.

Wasteland Empires is very well designed, with sharp detailed graphics, great environmental soundtrack and effects giving a great playing experience.

In Wasteland Empires you have to take into account 4 basic resources, colonists, biological, mineral and mechanical resources, balance between this elements is essential to progress, you have to build houses to hold more colonists but at the same time you need to provide food by building farms.

As you grow your population and advance in the game, you are given tasks and mission to accomplish, the first ones will ensure you build the right structures, like the town center, necessary to research or the defense towers, critical to defend your settlement against enemies.

Another part of Wasteland Empires is about attacking and defending, initially you have to scout the map to find raider settlements to attack, later also other players, attacking your enemies is a great way to get new and different resources.

Wasteland Empires features chat system, PVE and PVP centered gameplay, loads of missions and stuff to do, and best of all you can play it using a free Facebook account!

Wasteland Empires Videos

Wasteland Empires Trailer

Wasteland Empires gameplay


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