TV Studio Boss

Tv Studio Boss is a new social Facebook game from iZ Studios where you own and manage you own TV studio. Think you’d like to design your own TV programs? Find out how to boost audience ratings with TV Studio Boss!


TV Studio Boss will let you buy and personalize your own theme sets (news, cookery, documentaries…) and create and broadcast TV programs on them. Managing your broadcast grid efficiently will be of key importance to make your studio grow from a small local channel to a great multinational studio.

As the owner of the studio you will have to take many decisions, such as which programs should be recorded, when they should be broadcast (bearing in mind that audiences vary according to time frames) and which ads fit best in each program. Each decision you make will have an influence on your channel’s income and progress.

Give style to your program schedule by choosing from a variety of programs, place the suitable time and hit the publicity to get the most out of your Studio. Choose between making Nature Documentaries, Cooking Shows, Late Night Shows, News and TV Contests among many other programs to become the King / Queen of Television.

Get ready to take control  of your channel and  take it to the top!

As any Facebook game, all you need is an Internet connection and a Facebook account. Also any game hosted by Facebook requires the user to allow certain basic access that will permit the game to show particular items such as names, the users profile photo or their friends list for the ranking. This is not a requirement exclusive to TV Studio Boss. Any additional authorization will always need user consent as any other game.

The main goal in TV Studio Boss is to produce TV shows and programs, you start with a small set and basic set of local programs, like the Morning News or small cooking shows. You have to buy new sets, acquire news programs, new functional items, which unlock new shows, decorations, etc..

With every expansion level you acquire the size and number of your possible studio sets will progressively increase. To buy each one you will need to comply with the corresponding minimum required number of friends and pay the necessary amount of TV Coins or you can acquire them directly through a Facebook Credits payment.

Each studio can produce one program at a time, so the more studios you have the more programs you can produce simultaneously. Clicking on each studio camera you can select the program to record and once recording is completed you can drag it over and place it in the air time space you prefer.

There are 4 main sections in the broadcasting grid, each with to slots where you can broadcast your shows, Morning, Afternoon, Prime Time and Late Night.

The profits obtained (TV coins and experience) after each broadcast depend mainly on five factors:

  • The program’s profit base: all programs have a cost an production time and an associated fixed profit.
  • Set quality: the greater the investment made in the set (more and better objects and  decoration) the greater the profit will be.
  • How current they are: programs lose current event status from the moment they are recorded and not added to the air time grid. A program included on the air time grid directly after being recorded will obtain ‘extra’ profit when broadcast.
  • Time band: each program has an “optimum” broadcast time band. If a program is shown during its “optimum” time band, it will generate additional profit at the end of broadcast.
  • “Share”: in function with the aforementioned parameters and reach of the channel (‘local’ or ‘international’) a further ‘bonus’ is given related to the number of viewers who have seen the program.

Additional revenue can be made by placing ads on each broadcast, all you need is to check with the assistant next to the set, drag the ad to the broadcast and get extra income.

Functional objects are those that allow you to save specific programs (for example, documentaries about lions or oriental cooking shows). As these improve, so do their associated programs, increasing the profit earned from their broadcasts. These functional object will unlock new shows.

Once you reach level 5 you will be able to expand, TV Studio adds a new feature that lets you expand your broadcasting audience around the world. The world map will have four deep levels divided in geographical areas: local, regional, national and international.

Depending on your strategy and commercial interests, you will expand in one direction or another around the globe. This expansion implies more audience and therefore more profit for your TV Studio.

There are four different types of expansion:

The game from the really beginning starts in a local area in the State of Alaska, USA. It is necessary for you to achieve a level 5 to expand your studio to a regional level.

In order to expand the Studio nationally, it will be necessary to acquire a number of antennas. Once you have achieved a national broadcasting level, your challenge is to compete for the rest of cities and the whole audience of the US.

The fourth type is the international expansion. Your objective is to position the TV Studio into the main broadcasting channels worldwide.

When acquiring a license it is necessary to gain the interests of the audience with different objectives, for example in the case of Dallas with more decorated sets. Once you achieve those objectives, you can claim the license for your studio.

After winning the favor of the audience with the necessary objectives, you acquire the license to broadcast in that city. Once you have the license, you can open a new branch by inviting friends to cover the positions required to start broadcasting. You can also pay directly in Facebook Credits to cover those positions.

Friends are necessary and important when playing TV Studio Boss, they are need to buy new studio sets for example. In order for a friend to be your TV Studio Boss neighbor you both must have accepted before. If you wish to invite a friend to become your neighbor so you can help each other use the “Invite friends” function.

TV Studio Boss also features collections, there are several and varied to finish with rewards for each completed one. Other interesting touch is that you have to occasionally repair parts in the studio, you will see a wrench red sign and you have to click on it to fix for example the air vents.

Tips & Tricks

  • Each program suits better a certain time frame. Be intuitive and check the results to improve your performance.
  • Improving the quality of your set by buying decorative items will have direct influence on the profits obtained by each program you record on it.
  • If you record a program and wait for too long to place it on the grid it will lose  “novelty” and its broadcasting profits will decrease.
  • Improving functional items will unlock new and better programs to record.

Overall TV Studio Boss offers a different and refreshing gameplay, with lots of entertaining and varied tasks and nice cute graphics.


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