Trophy Slots

Trophy Slots is a new social slots game on Facebook, where you get the chance to try special Bonus Levels as well as play 10 totally unique slots games.

It brings some of the most popular online and land based slot machines to Facebook and  features a unique leveling system that allows users to play through a range of bonus levels, each one offering a different set of rewards and challenges. This difference in gameplay adds a strategic element that is not seen in traditional slot machine games.

Trophy Slots features tons of achievements, badges and trophies to collect, it seems you are always unlocking something new with every play. Also with every play you will earn experience to level up and unlock new slots to play, the max bet amount is also increased as you go, this prevents players to spend all the cash at start.

You can also swap gift with your friends, compare and compete with the leader board system and the Monthly Community Contest.

Trophy Slots gives a new meaning to Community games with several features:

Get into the Top 100 and get the chance to win 500x, 300x or 150x the points you had gathered.

Earn Points by:

  • Like our posts!
  • Comment on our posts!
  • Share our posts!

Earn Free Coins everyday, you only have to:

  • Share our Promotion Wall Posts
  • Unlock Trophies in the Game
  • Participate in Community Contests

You can check the full benefits page on the Official Community Page.

Overall, Trophy Slots offers an enjoyable gameplay experience for free slots fans, with great visuals and diversified features, a nice social slots to try if your are into the genre.

Trailers and  Gameplay Videos

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