Triviador is a free to play mass multiplayer strategy-trivia Facebook game! The game is presented in 3 different versions for different countries, Triviador USA targeted for US players and Triviador Mundo as the spanish version of the game.

This is in fact an exciting, fast paced 3 player trivia game with a strong strategic element. The setting is a cross between the dark ages and the great period of world exploration, all played upon a world map divided into 15 territories.

Victory belongs to the player with the most points – won by facing off in a 3 player battle of trivia and speed. The challenges consist of multiple choice or guess questions (numeric answers only), covering many topics of history, entertainment, sports and all manner of general knowledge.

The game begins in the “Conquest” stage by awarding a random territory on the map to each player. A 3-tower castle is slid onto the map for each player, in red, green or blue. The object in this stage of the game is to capture as many of the 12 unoccupied territories as you can.  Through a series of 4, 3-way challenges, the remaining territories are awarded to the 1st and 2nd place winners of each question; The 1st place is allowed to occupy two territories and the 2nd is allowed to occupy 1. The loser of each challenge wins no territory but will be allowed one challenge at the end of the corresponding question round in the upcoming Battle stage**

In the Conquest stage it is important to grab territories directly next to your 3-tower base castle, as well as your two opponents’ castles. This is because in order to attack an opponent’s castle or any other territory, you must own the territory next to the one you are attacking. By grabbing the territories surrounding your own castle, you protect it from attack in the first few rounds of the upcoming Battle stage. Likewise, by grabbing territory next to your opponents’ castles, you can attack them from the very beginning. When the Conquest is complete, all territories are occupied and the Battle begins!

In the 2nd part of the Adventure, the “Battle” stage, there are 4 rounds of 4 questions each. **Each of the 4 rounds corresponds to the 4 opening Conquest challenges. Here, the 1st place winner of each of the Conquest challenges is allowed to attack first in the first and second questions of the corresponding round they won in the Conquest.

Example: If the red player won round 2 in the Conquest stage, they will be allowed to attack first, during the first two questions of round two in the Battle stage. The second place player from each challenge is allowed to attack on the third question of the round and the last place is allowed to attack once, at the very end of the round they lost. Again, during the first 3 rounds, a player can only attack an opponent with whom they share a border (unless they have earned the Magic Wings Booster).

When a player is attacked and they lose the question, the attacking player wins that territory and the point value of the territory (begining at 200 points). If the player successfully defends their territory, they keep their territory and gain 100 points for winning the question. If the territory is a Base Castle (3-tower castle), the attacker must successfully win 3 questions in order to win the territory – but this also means they win ALL of that opponent’s territories and all of the points with them. The defeated player’s Adventure ends.

After varying numbers of Adventures, “Boosters” are awarded to aid in the challenges. Boosters allow things like help with the questions, the choosing of question subjects and distant attacks of territories that are not on the attacker’s borders. There are also random “Treasure Chest” opportunities that when opened, contain surprises such as boosters, gold and more adventures.

Although it is ideal to attack and win the opponents’ base castles, Adventures often progress all the way to the end with all base castles more or less in tact. The victors regularly win by narrower margins, simply by winning the most challenges. If the challenges are over and there is a tie (called a “draw”), there will be a face-off to break the tie and determine all 3 places.

When the game completes, your place is announced and your points are awarded. You are also shown what your ranking is percentage-wise for the week, compared with players all across the world. At the completion of your first game of the new Weekly Challenge (running from Wednesday to Wednesday), or each level advancement, you will be taken to a world map with 15 treasure chests to choose from. You will be allowed to choose from between 5 and 15 of them for various prizes such as boosters, Adventures and gold.


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