Trials of Elsword

Trials of Elsword is fast paced anime style, action driven Role Playing game for Facebook players, it features fantastic 3D graphics, nice sounds and its really enjoyable to play.
It requires you to install a small application, the UnityWebPlayer to play the game, but it is small and very fast to install, after which you can play the game like usually on Facebook.

You start the game by choosing you character, and then you can start beating monsters, in story mode you play alone, doing a series of quests that involve basically killing the various enemies that appear in front of you, at the end of each level you will have to face a level boss.
You can also play in challenge mode with your friends for extra fun.
The game features lots of character customization from gear, wear to special moves.
More info, tips, tricks…

Tryals of Elsword Videos


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