Toyz & Zombies

Toyz & Zombies is a new browser based role playing and adventure Facebook game, developed by Paprika Labs, where you play the role of a character able to control toys with the mind! Use your powers to control the Toys and defeat the Zombies that are invading HappyVille!

There are survivors that need help! I’ll control awesome toys to fight the zombies and lead everyone to safety! Join me in this legendary journey in saving the world from brain devouring zombies!


Toyz & Zombies is played in stages, in each one you have one or more objectives, the stages are played in turns, and you have to move your characters and toys and defeat the several zombie that you may find in your way, as well as other specific objectives.

In the game your toys will gain experience as they fight Zombies, as they level up you get skill points to spend and improve attack, health or defense. You will also unlock new toys with varied attributes, where some are more efficient than others, depending of the situation.

You will also acquire several interesting gadgets for you character, like the defibrillator that allows to regenerate toys or the toolbox that will enable you to operate level 1 gadgets.

Toys & Zombies features great graphics and an appropriate storyline with dialogs introducing each stage and game evolution.

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