Toy Attack

Toy Attack is a strategy Tower Defense game available on Facebook by 6 Waves.

The game is similar to Backyard Monsters, but changes the theme from Monsters to Toys instead. You have to build a series of structures, collect resources, and ultimately produce units to attack and conquer your enemies, in between, there are lots of other things to do, upgrade buildings, manage resources and army production, build defenses, etc…

Graphically Toy Attack is quite enjoyable, and show a fast paced gameplay, where you can speed up most things using game money, you can also invite your friends to play, join or create guilds. The Daily Quests section is a great touch and will give you enough tasks to keep you entertained each day.

Toy Attack, may be short on text explanation or initial description, but offers great interactive tutorial, one for newbies and an advanced Tutorial for more experienced players.

You can watch the first 10 minutes of gameplay in the video below.

Currently the game is available in English and Chinese.

Gameplay Video


Official Facebook Page

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