Township is a social City Building game available on Facebook and GPlay by Playrix, in the game you have to build houses, gather crops, and run factories to make your city grow. Then give it a social life with cafes and cinemas!  Create your perfect town and share it with your friends.


Township gameplay and graphics are great, and the game features polished and well structured production schemes, like plant crops which are used to produce yet another resource, that will also be used to produce even another is quite a nice touch.

Township does not have energy restriction or any form of energy system, your are limited by population, production and money, this is a positive point when compared to other city building social games.

All the other options are already familiar to most city building players, you have to build houses to grow your population, allowing you to have more plots to plant crops, while at the same time decorating your town for your inhabitants. Factories, production and stores are also nicely done, each uses specific resources and produces its own materials, this means that if you want textiles, you’ll need first to plant cotton to supply your factory.

Social features include visiting your friends and helping out with 5 free actions with the respective reward, you can also ask your friends for materials to finish some buildings, send gifts etc.

Township is free to play on Google Play and Facebook, all you need is to choose your favorite game platform, or the one were you have more friends 🙂

Gameplay Tutorial

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