Tight Lines Fishing

Tight Lines Fishing is a new Facebook game where you play the role of a fisherman wannabe and embark on a fun and competitive fishing adventure, build and decorate their fishing cottage and share their catch with friends around the world.

You start the game by inheriting a piece of land from your uncle, a prestigious fisherman and fearless adventurer. Marv, a cranky old guy and the oldest, dearest friend of the family agrees to become your mentor and teaches you all there is to know about fishing, while at the same time preparing you  for exciting future adventures.

Tight Lines Fishing is a social fishing adventure taking place on Facebook, where players compete amongst each other online to catch the biggest fish. The game also offers other features, players can also train and improve their skills, customize and equip gear to catch bigger fish and explore the unique and colorful world around them.

On your journey you will be challenged by quests and your fishing journal will be filled with interesting facts about the world’s oceans, rivers and lakes. Explore the game world and become a fishing legend in the online fishing community. While exploring, you will meet new friends and funny characters who have tricky quests to fulfill and lots of fisherman’s stories to tell.

Tight Lines Fishing videos


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