The Settlers – My City

The Settlers – My City, is a Kingdom building and management game, you start with a devastated small village, and you have to make it prosper to its once greatest glory.

This is done by building and producing goods, and not by force, the game as some of the most fantastic visuals I have ever seen in a Facebook game, with lots of detail and animations.

You start the game with a small tutorial, that will teach you the gameplay basics, and you are set to go, with nice introductory quests, from construction to resource gathering and decoration, you are set to go in no time, the rest is up to you to decide, what you want to build first, more houses to increase population or more bakeries and butcheries to increase revenue?

There much more to the game, you can gamble in the casino, visit friends and look for hidden treasures in their kingdoms, send gifts, or ask for particular resources that you need. The game also features achievements which is always nice

As usual, pretty much everything you do will give you experience and rewards, this will allow you to level up and gain access to other building, decoration and game features.Later in the game you can even play a mini-game of battle in the tavern.

The full screen features favors The Settlers – My City even more than usual, with stunning visuals and a nice music and sounds effects, it is a pleasure to play, just check it out.

The Settlers – My City Videos

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