Tetris Stars

Tetris Stars is a new Facebook Tetris game that puts your gaming skills to the test with an exciting and fast-paced new way to play your favorite puzzle game.

How to play

Moving Your Tetriminos
Use your mouse to click on the place where you want your Tetrimino to go and presto the Tetrimino will immediately move to that spot!
Clearing Lines
Fill every space in a horizontal line and the line will disappear. Congratulations, you’ve just earned some points!
Pass through a star line to earn stars. Stars unlock new game features! The more you release in a game, the more coins you’ll earn at the end.
Each game starts with 60 seconds on the clock. Collecting a star during a game, will get you extra time on the clock!
Each game costs Energy. If it runs out, you can buy more or wait for it to refill over time.
The two elements behind high scores are depth and speed. With each level of depth you achieve you will earn a bonus that will push all future scores up! Quick clears will earn you an additional bonus on top of your score for the clear.
One line cleared – 1000 Points
Two lines cleared at once – 3000 Points
Three lines cleared at once – 5000 Points
Tetris™ Line Clear
Four lines cleared at once – 8000 Points
A bonus for Tetris™ Line Clears, T-Spins or Mini T-Spins that are performed consecutively – 50% of move total
Additional Scoring
A T-Tetrimino is spun into a difficult T-Slot before Lock Down – 4000 Points
A group of blocks that is formed in a way that when a T-Tetrimino is spun into it, any three of the four cell diagonally adjacent to the center of the T-Tetrimino are occupied by existing blocks.
Speed Bonus
Making quick clears in sequence will give you a bonus. Each clear you make in a row will push the bonus higher up to a maximum of 10000 points.
Cascade Bonus
Triggering additional line clears after your inital clear will result in a sizeable bonus. This is an excellent way to rack up points!
Depth Bonus
Each star you clear will increase your Depth Level. This in turn will push up a multiplier that will increase the value of all other scores for the remainder of the game.
Core Bonus
Getting to the bottom of the well is incredibly difficult but it *is* possible. If you make it, there’s a major score bonus waiting for you!
Power Ups
Power ups give you an incredible advantage. Learning to use them correctly is one of the most important game skills in Tetris Stars.
Equipping Power Ups
Power ups can be purchased with game coins in the Market. You can equip up to 3 power ups each game. Each power up is good for 3 games once purchased.
Power Ups in the Game
Power ups appear as icons in the blocks as you dig further down. To trigger a power up, simply clear the line that the icon is in. When the line clears, the power up will immediately activate!
Power Up Effects
Different power ups are suited to different styles of play. You can find out what all of the different power ups do by clicking on their icon in the store and watching the video screen. Check back often to look for new additions!
Missions test specific Tetris skills and offer large rewards for players who are able to complete them. Look for new missions on your Results Screen at the end of each game.
Single Action Missions
Finishing a Single Action Mission during your game will earn you an extra star and a good chunk of coins. Later missions are harder but pay out with more coins!

Additional Resources:

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