Storage Wars: The Game

Storage Wars: The Game is a Facebook entertainment title from A&E Networks Digital, based on A&E’s popular TV reality series with the same name. Combining hidden-object style play with some strategy and intuition, Storage War: The Game offers simple gameplay, yet well presented, and very fun to play.

The doors to the storage room are open and you’ve got to decide if its filled with junk or treasure. Do you have what it takes to find the treasure in the trash?


In Storage Wars: The Game, players bid on abandoned storage units in hopes of making a profit off of whatever lies inside. As in the Tv Show, players get a quick look at the unit’s contents, with some items obscured from view by others. The player then enters a bidding war with two other bidders. There are stakes involved, as it’s possible to bid more for the unit than its contents are worth.

The game is played by visiting different maps that contain a several storage buildings, your goal is to outbid two other non-player competitors and earn a greater profit. The catch is that there are three units per building to bid on, but they are filled with so much junk that it can be difficult to discern which are worthless and which are valuable.

Social interactions and features include adding friends, bragging about accomplishments via the usual channels, sharing winnings, and sending free gifts to friends once per day. Players are able to see their friends’ current levels and other stats via a live leaderboard at the bottom of the screen.

Gameplay videos

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