StarCity with K-Star

StarCity with K-Star is a online city-building and Pop Star manager social game available on Facebook where players can grow their city by expanding, running a business and at the same time training Stars. In StarCity, users may train the Stars of their choice and roll out a great performance.

StarCity is a mix between City Building and management, while you have to perform all the task of building and growing your own city, you have a completely different side, where you have to hire and sign contracts with different pop stars, the city building revolves around the theme so you have some specific items and buildings, like stages and agencies where you try to hire the best stars.

The Agency is a place for managing your Stars and signing on new Stars. You may also upgrade your Stars and view your Star’s performances in the Agency.

You may sign on a Star through the Agency in three different ways by clicking on the Star of your choice. Each contract is different depending on the Star.

StarCity with K-Star Videos

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