Star Supremacy

Star Supremacy is a free to play, browser based MMORTS space conquest game developed by Barbily Game, is adapted from the single player game Light of Altair. Over the background of space exploration, intricate conflicts amongst the three major factions UEO, Altairian and Seekers re-emerge. 

Star Supremacy contains a multitude of highly interactive gameplay, such as colony construction, territorial expansion, alliance battles, resource exploitation and equipment collection, as well as including unique research, warship design and trade route systems. Players are encouraged to express their own play styles and travel freely in the boundless universe.

In the distant future, tensions rise as the limited resources of earth run out. This is the story of the three major human factions while they compete to survive and expand.

Game Features

Faction Brief

Three major factions all have their own features and merits, which add the interest of the game and provide real replayability.

Planet Scene

Colonize many different planets; each with its own resources, dangers and environments. Experience the beauty of alien worlds.

Planet Construction

Construct buildings within planetary colonies. Strategic building placement increases production and colonies can be expanded to fully exploit the planet’s resources.

Leader System

Cultivate your leaders by allocating stat points freely. Every improvement toward the elite will help both your colonies and your fleets!

Reborn Leader

Alliances using highly sought after longevity tokens can take their leaders to be reborn into more powerful masters.

Research System

Wide & unique research tree allows players to progress their own way to glory and power. Over 100 research topics to discover with many powerful ship chassis and weapons to unlock.

Spacecraft System

Original spacecraft assembly system that allows endless choice to build the perfect war ships. Learn about your enemy and reinforce your armada to exploit them with endless strategy.

Battle System

Double battle mode with manual rounds & automatic control. Mix traditional RPG elements and new tactics to defeat overwhelming odds.

Trade System

Original trade route. Initiate automatic trade within your empire and protect your links from attack. Brand new market system, can you make the first universe magnate?

Quest System

Perfect quest system that guides you into the game. Live through the classic star story. You are the very supreme universe commander!

Alliance System

Join an alliance to receive the many benefits awaiting you.
1. Bonus credit from trade
2. Research with your allies
3. Allow allies to garrison
4. Conquer planetary bases
5. Have a friend to watch your back!

Equipment Collection

Search the planets to collect powerful equipment and artifacts to strengthen your leaders. Collect entire sets or seek out the rarest items to further your empire.

Ranking System

Every player gets a real chance at glory with multiple ranking tables in all parts of the game. Regular rewards are given to those who actively try to improve their standings!

Star Battle

Intergalactic battles will be added also.
Once you have conquered your star, you and your alliance will face greater challenges as you expand your empire to the galaxy!

Other Features include:

1. Players are rewarded for returning each day.
2. Ability to exchange low-level equipment sets to gain higher level items!
3. Challenge dangerous alien bases with your allies to gain planet wide protection and items!

New Journey after 2012 the End of the World

The Year 2012 is the last one on the Maya’s calendar. Is it the end of the world as we know it or a dawn of a new era? Did the movie 2012 scare you? Have you ever thought of a plan for what to do after doomsday strikes?

(Never mind thinking about if you will no longer exist).What will happen to mankind? Should one start looking for a place to continue living on the land amidst the debris or begin an adventure to explore the exciting world of outer space?

You may think the film 2012 is totally fantastic talk but it is simply a movie. Yeah, true, a movie is just a movie; but it is all about the box office takings.

Alright, then, how can you explain the more unusual things created in world like The Triangle, The Crop Circles, and even Stonehenge? Take off your glasses for one minute as you will find so many different “people” around you.

You can’t completely prove they exist and you can’t really prove they don’t either. So, you’d better believe the fact that they do exist. You don’t? Just think about Abraham Lincoln who dreamed that he would be assassinated. Now, it’s your turn to make the choice, to shudder in bed or to face all of this on your own.

Do remember that we humans cannot be defeated that easily as mankind has been around for more than 250 million years. But what can we common people do? Unfortunately we can’t afford a ticket to board The Ark!

Do we work harder? Yes, of course, if you find work is your whole life, but in my view, I’d rather play some games because I can enjoy myself, find courage and find lots of innovative and exciting ways to play games.

There are lots of games that address how humans overcome major difficulties after a disaster, but humans in these games are too passive.

Why should we always be waiting for disasters or invasions by another life form? We can be active. I strongly recommend space related games. I can see human’s persisting, self motivating, improving and so on.

For example, Star Wars, Star Craft, EVE Online and others of this genre are good examples. Of course you may have not much time to play similar games but you can always try your hand at web games.

This allows you access to play anywhere and at any time. Star Supremacy is a particularly good one. In this new strategy sci-fi web game you can play the role of a human who departs from the Earth and explores the vast universe.

With your wisdom, constant hard work and a little luck, you might finally establish an empire of your own and total dominance of the universe. The decision is yours!

We may treat these as just games, but once they are related to the destiny of the human race, they are no longer just games but real exhibition and practice.

Strategy space games can show this in a much more exciting way. You will need a lot of skill and tenacity in order to build your home in a waste planet and build a strong fleet to resist potential invaders.

Furthermore you will need to fight for resources that are crucial to survive. No matter how you think, 2012 will come soon. Mayas’ calendar, UFO files and so many kinds of signs have probably already confused you.

Is the day of reckoning upon us? Will there be another savior? Where will the new Ark stop? Where will the beginning be and the new home?

Once again, do not wait and seize the day! Let’s enjoy the moment. These times belong to us. Let’s control our own destiny and way of living. Personally, I’d like to spread my supremacy and my civilization to all corners of the universe.


l  Construction System

l  Equipment System

l  Alliance System

l  Quest System

l  Research System

l  Ranking System

l  Trade Route System

l  Ship Assembly System

l  Battle System

l  Commander System

Construction System of Star Supremacy

In order to build up your star empire, you first need a strong economy and infrastructure. Each of your colonies has a number of different building plots that allow the construction of new structures. Select empty plots to choose what you wish to build there. By using the available space efficiently, you will be rewarded with boundless resources. These resources can then be used to construct powerful fleets, which will help you on your way to universe domination!

An important aspect of your colonies is their Efficiency rating. Each building requires enough power or population to operate. Having too little power or too few colonists will lower your maximum production rates. Lack of power can be easily fixed by building or upgrading solar panels. A lack of population requires you to produce enough food and have enough space for your colonists to live in.

Spot Analysis:

Open plot: The most practical plot, all your larger buildings will be built here

Rough plot: The unstable ground only lets small buildings to be constructed here.

Fuel plot: Rough ground that can also be drilled for valuable fuel.

Ore plot: Rough ground that can also be mined for important ores.

Fertile plot: Rare spaces within your colonies that allow the construction of farms.

Unstable plot: These plots cannot be built on.

Important Building Analysis:

Colony Hub: the core of your colony and home of its administration. Provides space for population and safe storage for colony resources.

Solar Panel: Provides power for all the buildings within your colony.

Colony Quarters: Provide space for your colonists and increases your population growth rate.

Farm: Only available on fertile planets. They provide the bulk of your food supply.

Mine: Your key source of ores that can be used for all manner of construction as well as refined into goods.

Drill: All your fleets will require fuel to operate effectively. Drill fuel from the correct plots using this structure.

Hydroponics: Used to produce a small amount of food when fertile ground isn’t available.

Industrial Plant: Refines ore into goods for advanced structures. You can set the level of conversion.

Store: Stores all your resources allowing you to build up strong stockpiles.

Trade Platform: Provides a place to trade goods to and from other players.

Space Port: A very important building that allows you to create trade routes to automatically ferry resources around your colonies.

Ship Yard: Allows the construction of all types of space craft for your fleets.

Base Control: A location to recruit more commanders.

Research Facility: The primary research building, and required for all research projects.

Weapon Facility: An add-on to the research facility that gives access to powerful weapons.

Engineering Facility: An add-on to the research facility that gives access to more advanced ship chassis types.

High Energy Facility: An add-on to the research facility that gives access to energy shields and devices

Commercial Center: Once your colony is large enough, you can construct a commercial centre to join an alliance. The commercial center also allows the expansion of your colony to provide more plots.


Equipment System of Star Supremacy

Introduction to equipment attributes:

1)Equipment name: Each piece of equipment is coloured according to its quality.

2)Equipment type: weapon, helmet, neck, chest, ornament.

3)Equipment level: the lowest level requirement to wear this equipment.

4)Basic attributes: charisma, efficiency, ingenuity, tactics, financier.

5)Special attributes: some equipment provides special bonuses to particular weapons or ship types that can prove invaluable.

6)Suit attribute: Collecting a set of equipment can greatly increase attributes.

7)Selling price: sell to the system to acquire credits

Introduction of Equipment Classification:

There are 8 empty equipment slots on each commander, including slots for weapon, helmet, neck and chest items, as well as 4 ornament slots. Ornaments can each be used in battle, and can cause damage to the target or can provide a temporary boost to your abilities.

Introduction of Equipment Quality:

Equipment is currently divided into general, excellent, epic and legend. The higher the quality, the better the equipment attributes are.


Alliance System of Star Supremacy

The conditions of joining or creating an alliance:

Joining an existing alliance requires you to build a Lv1 Commercial Center.

Creating your own alliance requires a Commercial Center at Lv3.

Alliance Benefits:

1)Increased trade route income depending on the size of the alliance.

2)Increased experience gain when defending your allies.

3)Increased energy recovery rate.

4)Boosted research rate. This factor varies depending on what your alliance allies have already researched.

Alliance Upgrade:

The number of members within an alliance is fixed based on its level. To increase the number of members within your alliance, use a Primary Alliance Order or Advanced Alliance Order depending on the current level of your alliance.

Rights of the Alliance Leader:

The alliance leader can upgrade the alliance and kick members who do not donate to the cause.

Alliance Donation:

All the alliance members can donate credits or cash for the alliance upgrade. Any member who has donated enjoys a protection period, during which they cannot be kicked.

Alliance Succession:

If the alliance leader quits his alliance, the player with the largest donation will be assigned as the new alliance leader.


Quest System of Star Supremacy

Players who first step into Star Supremacy can choose accept or skip the beginners’ quests, which will lead players to construct their first colony and take the initial defense and attack training. It is strongly advised for you to complete all the beginners’ quests if this is your first account. When beginners’ quests are completed, the player will acquire their beginner’s gift bag, including abundant resources and practical items. They will also have full access the quest system. The quest system of Star Supremacy includes: “Foundation Quests”, “Combat Quests”, “Resource Quests”, “Industrial Quests”, “Security Quests”, “Hero Quests”, “Daily Quests”, and “Leader Quests”.

Foundation Quests Introduction

Foundation Quests mainly includes colony infrastructure. Players can get access to more resource and item rewards by completing these quests, which can boost colony construction.

Combat Quests Introduction

Combat Quests lead to competition among players. Players capture and assault colonies by assembling and launching ships. After completing these quests, players can get access to more rewards to enhance their fighting capacity.

Resource Quests Introduction

Resource Quests are used to get access to a certain amount of resources. Players can produce them autonomously or raid resource nodes and other players’ colonies to complete it. After completing these quests, players will get access to a greater amount of resource rewards.

Industrial Quests Introduction

Industrial Quests allow players to show off their colony management skills by producing rarer resources. After completing these quests, players will get access to more industrial resource rewards.

Security Quests Introduction

Security Quests mainly involve the player defending their own, or their allies’ colonies and resource nodes. After completing these quests, the relationships between players and alliance can be solidified, and players can get access to more powerful defenses.

Hero Quests Introduction

Hero Quests are used to foster commanders. Players can complete these quests via combat, rebirth etc, and get access to more powerful commanders from the rewards.

Daily Quests Introduction

Daily Quests are also known as routine tasks. They include various quest types and players can complete them repeatedly every day. Sticking to completing daily quests will help players get access to vast resource or item rewards.

Leader Quests Introduction

Leader Quests are much more difficult. Players need to reach some specific conditions to complete them. After completing leader quests, players will get access to more uncommon rewards.


Ranking System of Star Supremacy

The ranking systems of Star Supremacy are divided into different sections. These include player, alliance, leader, experience, combat, and economy rankings. Players can search their own rankings quickly via the “Find Rank” function.

Players are also assigned their own rankings according to many criteria. Being able to improve your position on these tables will lead to rare bonus rewards each week.


Trade Route System of Star Supremacy

In order to generate credit for your colonies, you must create trade routes between them and resource nodes.

Condition of creating trade route:

Each trade route from a colony requires an additional level in your space port.

Requirement of creating trade route:

After capturing a resource node or assaulting an enemy colony, you can choose to dispatch a fleet to link your colony to the target. You can also create links between your own colonies to transport resources.

Function of trade route:

Trade routes to resource nodes and enemy colonies gather resources and return them to your colony.

Trade routes between your colonies can be set to transport resources to or from each colony as well as having the ability to balance the resources between the colonies. Each different resource can be allocated its own mode allowing you to organize the economy of your empire.


Ship Assembly System of Star Supremacy

You have complete control over the ship designs you choose to build and can also name your own designs. Each ship assembled is made of its chassis, weapons and modules. Remember that different weapons have strengths and weaknesses so utilize them accordingly in battle.

 Classification of ship chassis:

Aircraft: The smallest of your fleet, these ships cannot travel between locations on their own and require transportation within fighter bays.

Small Ship: Including the transport and gun ship, these vessels have the best turret to cost ratios allowing for quick destruction of enemy aircraft.

Large Ship: The larger Frigates have powerful capital weapons that make short work of smaller ships.

Super Ship: The most dangerous Cruisers concentrate on heavy firepower but lack effective protection against aircraft unless carefully designed.

Examples of weapons:

Missiles: Long range allowing for the first hit. They can be shot down with the correct turrets.

Rockets: Deal very heavy damage to larger ships, but only work at short range.

Torpedo: The most powerful explosive technology. They must be manually activated as they have limited ammo available.

Lasers and Lances: Powerful energy weapons that can only be stopped with effective shielding.

Gauss Gun: Rapid fire weapons that can hit multiple small targets.

Flak Cannon: Acting less as a weapon and more for defense, they fill the skies with debris to shoot down incoming missiles.

Examples of modules:

Armor: Increase your raw defense against attacks.

Fighter Bays: The only way to allow aircraft to join your fleets. Larger chassis types can hold more aircraft per fighter bay.

Shields: Provide amazing defense against energy weapons, but are ineffective against other attacks.

Targeting Systems: Increases the effective range of your weapons allowing you to fire first.

Scramblers: Enables electronic warfare by lowering the efficiency of your enemy’s targeting systems.


Battle System of Star Supremacy

Your targets for battle are the valuable resource nodes scattered across the worlds as enemy colonies. Your first colony is safe from attack at all times, but once you venture off planet be wary of who is around you!

Resource Nodes can be Raided and Captured:

Raiding: After defeating the guards, you steal a large volume of resources and return home.

Capture: After defeating the guards, your fleet remains at the node and you can create a trade route to constantly gather the resources.

Enemy Colonies can be Assaulted and Obliterated:

Assault: If you can defeat the enemy garrisons, you can establish a trade route to steal resources from the enemy. You must hurry though as their allies will be quick to counter attack!

Obliterate: Allows your fleets to attack the enemy colony directly and damage their buildings. You will need the most powerful weapons to accomplish this effectively.

Combat Operation:

When in combat, you have control over which of your fleets engage the enemy, when to launch your aircraft into the attack and when to use your special abilities. Keep a close watch on what technology your targets are using to correctly build your fleets!

Combat Rewards:

Players can acquire experience and resources via combat, and have a chance of capturing enemy commanders!


Commander System of Star Supremacy

Source of Commanders:

Players can acquire commanders via quests, recruitment, capture, rebirth etc. Commanders of different qualities have different colors. Currently, there are normal, main and elite commanders.

Commander’s attributes:

Charisma: affects the max activity queues of the colony, and leader capacity within. fleets

Efficiency: affects the colony resource output and fleet fuel loss.

Ingenuity: affects the industrial output and ship construction time.

Tactics: affects the strength of colony shielding and the damage of ship weapons.

Financier: affects research rate and the credit income from trade routes.

Leader Experience:

When a leader acquires enough experience, they can choose to level up or remain at the current level. Leveling up a leader increases their attributes and provides them with an extra free attribute point to assign as you wish.

Leader Energy:

Commanders lose energy in combat. When a commander’s energy reaches zero, they can do nothing. Energy can be returned automatically from items or by resting the commander in a colony. Joining an alliance can quicken the energy return rate.

Commander Loyalty:

After the combat victory, the commander loyalty increases. After the combat failure, the commander loyalty decreases. The commander whose loyalty is zero can’t be operated. Players can return the commander loyalty via using items.

Commander Rebirth:

By using the longevity token, players will have the chance to find a more powerful commander. However, if the token fails it disappears. Gathering these tokens requires you to improve your standings in the weekly rankings.


l  Complete Survival Handbook of Star Supremacy

l  Forging the Most Powerful Commander

l  Ship Designing Technique of Star Supremacy


Complete Survival Handbook of Star Supremacy

Star Supremacy is a strategic war game where players not only need to master the art of attack, but should also learn to defend and solidify their own power. So, before attack and expansion, we must learn how to survive.

Living Principle 1

Improve your initial colony as soon as possible. Your initial colony cannot be attacked, so when you colonize elsewhere, make sure you have built up enough resources and ship reserves to create a strong enough defense. This will discourage other players from assaulting the colony.

Living Principle 2

Join a powerful alliance. Creating or joining an alliance will grant you access to various rewards. Under the allies’ help, your colony defense will be greatly increased. Allies can dispatch fleets to garrison on each other’s colonies to aid in defense against incoming attacks. With a friends’ assistance, what is there to be afraid of?

Living Principle 3

When you colonize a second planet, the choice of the location is very important. You should keep clear of densely populated areas to avoid unnecessary attacks and troubles. Ideally, when you develop a second or the third colony it should be on a high-level planet with sufficient resources and rewards. This will increase development.

Forging the Most Powerful Commander

Talents are the core of combat. With a powerful commander, you will be all-conquering in combat, and enemies will be terror-stricken at the sight of you. Currently, you can obtain commanders by recruiting them, earning them in quests, capturing them in combat, and rebirth.


You recruit commanders at your Base Control. You may only recruit “Normal Commanders” there.

Quest Rewards:

Some special quests will be rewarded with a “Main Commander”, who is better than a “Normal Commander”. Complete as many quests as possible, and you might find pleasant surprise.

Capturing from Combat:

Fighting against NPC’s on resource nodes will provide you with a chance of capturing a commander. Higher level resource nodes present stronger NPC’s. Defeating these will increase your chances of capturing a stronger commander.


By using a longevity token, you can acquire a stronger commander with better attributes than you’re original. Every time a commander is reborn, their attributes will increase. Players can gain very strong commanders by reusing the longevity tokens on the same commander. The success chance of being reborn is relevant to the commander level. The higher the level, the bigger the success chance. If reborn fails however, the longevity token will disappear. Players can get access to longevity tokens from their weekly rankings.

Ship Designing Technique of Star Supremacy

The largest feature of Star Supremacy is the designing and building of ships. Since you will face many different enemies, you will need to use different ships to cope with each technology. If you know yourself and your enemy well, you’ll never be defeated.

1)    Choose the right chassis for the job in hand. If you just need to transport resources or carry aircraft, use a transport! If the enemy is using lots of turret weapons, use Large and Super ships.

2)    Know your weaknesses. Every design cannot be perfectly protected against all attacks. Pick your fights carefully and you will never have to see your carefully constructed fleet destroyed in seconds.

3)    Improve your technology. Don’t forget to research the upgrades to your favorite weapons and modules. They can make a massive difference in the heat of battle.

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