Social Wars

Social Wars is a new strategy game on Facebook from Social Point. It is no more than the revised and updated version of Men Vs Women, still to know is the reason for this change on Title and game Theme, anyway…

Social Wars now puts together Men and Women to battle aliens. Build your military city and train your soldiers to face the threat of the outer space invaders!  Be the leader of the human race at this very crucial moment!  Discover the glorious battles and adventurous quests that are waiting for you!

Social Wars gameplay is the same as in Men Vs Women, and run like an updated version of Social Empires, which is not bad, the game is fluid, the graphics are nice and catchy, there are lots of mission to do, the pace is fast and gives players a great sense of progression.

Socially you can ask friends for help, visit friends, chat in real time, etc. The game is divided into 2 main areas, the story mode, where you have to finish tasks and conquer the world by stages, one at a time, called the Mission World, and a PVP area called Players World accessible for players above level 8, where you can fight other players.

Trailers and Gameplay Videos

Additional Resources:

Facebook Fan Page – To check News, Updates, Events and game announcements

Forum – For Game Support, Find Allies, Discuss or report Bugs and Errors, and more

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