Smooty Tales

Smooty Tales is a new Facebook game by Kobojo, responsible for other titles like Atlantis Fantasy or PyramidVille. It start with a great presentation story with beautiful graphics and  in the game you explore the Smooties world and take care of your little creature. Teach him or her the rudiments of life, decorate his living place and explore other lands in order to find new friends.


After the presentation story, you have to choose your smooty name and appearance, its genre, fur color and pattern, ears and eyes. Don’t worry too much because you can customize him, later in the game at any time, it will have even more options, Hats, necklaces and clothes from all sorts will be available.

Smooty Tales is a mixtures of several game genres, you have  city building, where you build several structures for you smooty, these are divided into three categories.

The house is where your smooty lives, and it is here that you play another different part of the game, the pet caring. Along the gameplay you have to ensure your smooty is as happy as possible, this involves, feeding him, keeping him clean and putting him to rest, this is all done in the house. This part is played like a dress up or pet caring game, you have to come back to it from time to time for your smooty to stay happy.

As you level up, you can upgrade or improve the house, with more comfortable and cozy models.

The Workshops are used to produce resources like wood, earth or water, necessary to several tasks and quest along the game, and necessary to finish building and other stuff.

The activity buildings are for your smooty to have fun, like the Mini Fairground Ride, the Kindergarten or the Pawball Pitch, these have more option when you click on them, you will be required to upgrade these buildings to progress and advance in the game. Each completed level on these activities gives you rewards, this usually come as some form of customization, like a new hat or piece of clothe for you smooty.

Smooty Tales uses the usual energy system, where you spend energy to perform actions, and get rewarded with experience and resources. Gameplay mechanics are solid and simple to use, and this is even more important, when the game is clearly targeted to young users. Along with the experience level that allows you character to progress you have a beauty level, that measures the achievement level of your place, and is required to unlock many items in the game, from buildings to decorations. This is also necessary to unlock new locations to travel and explore, which is another part of the game.

Like with other social based games, you will need friends to progress ( but isn’t that the base of social games?), usually to request resources or materials to finish buildings, or to give you royal Authorizations to unlock new locations. You can also visit your friends and play with them to improve the relationship status.

Smooty Tales offers a great Frequently Asked Questions section with all the information and help you need on the basic stuff, just click on the help Tab above the game screen.

As for languages available, you can choose to play in English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Español and Português.

Tip – Play in Full screen mode, it is faster and much more beautiful.

On my opinion, Smooty Tales is a great Facebook game, with fantastic cute graphics and lots of different activities. The energy systems is always a bad thing and limits your gameplay time unless you want to spend money. It is maybe targeted to younger users, but believe me older ones will also enjoy it.

Gameplay Video

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