Rollercoaster Mania

Rollercoaster Mania is a new Facebook game developed by Noisy Duck and published by 6Waves, where you can run and manage your own theme park. As usual on Facebook you only need your browser to play for free.


Rollercoaster Mania gameplay is similar to other existing theme park building games like Adventure Park, and requires players to build different kind of rides and other entertainment structures, backed up by utility structures like shops or stalls, with lots of different choices from Hotdog Stand to Strength test food stalls, You also have to buy and place decorations, trees, garbage bins and even statues and other assorted items.

You start by following a small tutorial which will teach you the basics, how to place a ride, how to build it, etc.

Together with all this buildings and items, you have to hire some employees, either to staff your rides and stalls or to keep your park clean, you can use your Facebook friends to help you out on this, and also on some necessary parts on some rides.

Rollercoaster Mania is strongly supported by micro management actions and other fun little activities, such as finding reviewers, following and clicking on them at certain points for a good review of your park, keeping your food stands topped or having your park clean.

The construction also offers some nice touches, you have to choose where to place your ride, place the ticket stand and the exit, place a queue line and exit path, with time you’ll get the hang of it, for example placing a short queue line on a popular ride will prevent more customers to use it.

Another thing about Rollercoaster Mania that will keep fans coming back, is the opening schedule, your park won’t be running indefinitely, you have to open it to visitor for a certain amount of time, the longer the opening time the shorter is the revenue.

Socially, you can visit your friends every 24 hours, to help them with materials and get a reward, you can also send gifts and compare park rankings.

Overall, Rollercoaster Mania is a nice Theme Park game on Facebook, with good looking and detailed graphics and enjoyable gameplay.

Rollercoaster Mania Videos

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