Risk: Factions

RISK: Factions is a social strategy game of world conquest! Take over the world, one territory at a time. Show your friends you are a force to be reckoned with! Risk: Factions is the  free Facebook version of the widely popular board game Risk published by EA in collaboration with Hasbro, the holder of the board game.


Additionally to the original board game features, Risk: Factions includes social features like: add friends as allies, allowing you to visit their base and help out, by speeding up building’s production or sending gifts; compete against your friends or random players in multiplayer matches.

You can also earn skill Points by winning matches, which gives you experience to level up, upgrade technologies and unlock new factions and items to play.

Build a base

Your base is a command center where you amass your forces for world conquest. You will have a Headquarters (HQ) for each faction, which will allow you to unlock troop buildings for training troops and factories to construct special weapons.

Choose a faction

Factions are different types of armies that have different strengths, special weapons and troops. When you start a map you get to choose which faction to play as. Make sure that your base is producing troops for your faction. Zombie troops won’t listen to a Human General.

World Domination

Each faction has a collection of maps. Strategically use your army of troops and special weapons to capture each territory, continent, and then the world. You can conquer a map multiple times to increase your Mastery Level on that map.


You can play a game of RISK: Factions against up to four friends. After you play out your turn, send your friend a message to let them know it is their turn to go. If you want to play a multiplayer game and none of your friends are up for it, join a random game. You will be matched up with other RISK: Factions players quickly so you can start a game right away!

RISK Rules

There are some basic rules from the classic game of Risk that apply to Risk Factions.

• The attacker rolls one, two, or three dice and the defender rolls one or two dice depending on the number of soldiers on a territory.
• The attacker and defender’s highest die rolls are compared as are the second-highest die (if both players roll more than one dice.)
• Ties go to the defender and any additional dice are disregarded.
• One soldier must always occupy a territory. For example, if you have two soldiers on your territory, you will only be able to attack with one, because one must always stay and defend.


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