Retro World

Retro World is an adventure game on Facebook where you can revisit the most famous characters is the cinema and showbiz history, like Elvis, Marilyn Monroe or Dick Clark.

In Retro World, you play in your Heyday! You’ll visit people, places, and stories you loved—and experience them through exciting adventures, games, and puzzles!


The game will let you participate in intriguing plots and complete exciting missions to win rewards and fame. Along the way you will meet a host of interesting characters and even some celebrities- in Retro World you’ll never know who you’re going to run into!

Retro World is like a TV Network for interactive shows- shows where you’ll participate in the plot and and help resolve it. We will offer a variety of shows in genres you’ll recognize- drama, mystery, comedy and even the strange or absurd. As with a television series, our shows are episodic, and you’ll be able to come back for new episodes as they “air”.

How to Play
To play a show you’ll explore locations, meet characters and help solve their problems. Resolution will require you to overcome a series of obstacles called “Missions”.

Missions may require a number of steps to complete. For a given step you might need to:
Talk to a character to find out information
Find and use an object
Solve a puzzle
Beat a mini-game

When you complete missions, you’ll earn Retro Point, Retro Buck, and occasional Badge awards. Complete all the missions to win the game and and earn greater rewards.

Retro Points allow you to gain levels. Retro Bucks can be spent on custom avatars and other features to come. Badges are for your own sense of accomplishment, and also make for nice trophies to show your friends!

The first time you play Retro World, you will arrive on Retro Boulevard on meet our host, Dick Clark. First, Dick will first guide you through a tutorial in our Back Lot. When you’re ready for prime time, Dick will guide you to our first show, the OWL Files.


Official WebsiteOfficial Help Facebook page.

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