Resort World

Resort World is a social simulation game where you can feel the owner of your own green island in the Caribbean Sea and tourism business, free from daily cares and responsibilities, develop your island on your own taste, desire and mood!

Resort World is available on Google+,  Facebook and Orkut among other social gaming platforms, you have to raise and manage an abandoned Island Resort, you have to build accommodations for your guests like cabins and Bungalows, and facilities like shops, entertainment centers and restaurants, get profit from them, expand your property, visit your friends, help them to repair their buildings do tasks or even organize sabotages!

The main source of your income is tourists. When they spend their vacation on your island they pay certain amount of money for various services.

When you visit your friends’ islands, you may help them to do chores and get money for it. You just need to click the facility with a broom and a bucket on your friend’s island and earn some money!

Main Features:

  • The desert island would be at your own disposal
  • A pleasant feature of the game is the ability to collect profits almost every minute
  • Plant a tree or put a sculpture – it will not only bring aesthetic pleasure for the guests of the island, but also will increase your profit
  • Ability to choose a strategy: qualitative or quantitative
  • The game continues to develop even when inactive
  • Huge selection of buildings to accommodate guests who arrive on your island
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