Redshift is a space themed role playing  and strategy online game from Synapse Games available on Facebook, it is browser based and free to play.

Redshift is a real-time combat strategy title that puts players in control of a single spaceship to guide through missions and battles.

Players start as a rookie pilot and just a small ship and have to complete missions to progress, earn experience, money and resources, missions get tougher so as rewards, some involve fighting enemies other collect resources. Flight is controlled by pointing and clicking, while the both the mouse and keyboard can be used to trigger the action slots at the bottom of the screen.

Resources can be used to improve you spaceship, adding new equipment and materials, later in the game more ships and equipments are unlocked by leveling up.

Redshift gameplay falls more in the massively multiplayer online genre, than the usual Facebook gameplay genre, which is a plus, as you get all the usual features like grinding, player versus player combat and item crafting in the comfort of your Facebook account. Other nice touches include weapon changing in combat, and skills which provide for gameplay bonuses like improved damage or reduced costs for repairs and item manufacturing.

Overall Redshift, while still in beta and with some bugs, in offers a great MMO gameplay experience for space theme fans, fantastic and detailed visuals and it seems developers are making an effort to improve the game with new updates and content.

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