Railroad Empire

Railroad Empire is a social railroad strategy game on Facebook. In the game you take the role of CEO of a fledgling railroad company in 1870. Through the combination of station and rail line building, running trains, and researching new technology you grow your railroad in an attempt to make it bigger and richer than your friends and other players.

You start by selecting cities to build your stations in and then you connect those stations with rail lines. Once you have two stations you purchase an engine and create a train. Once you start your train running it will begin earning income for your company, but watch out, you also get charged for maintaining that train in running order, so your income better exceed your expenses. As the game progresses you connect more cities and build more trains. You will want to begin researching technology that will allow you to build bigger and better engines.

The object of the game is to buy trains and stations and connect them to move the most cargo at the fastest speeds to make the most money and, thereby, creating your ‘Railroad Empire


How to play – Official SiteFacebook pageForum

Trailer and gameplay videos

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