In PyramidVille, settle in the desert and establish an ancient city! Manage your resources and cultivate your land to reach higher levels and develop your own city!

PyramidVille is a great city building variation, to the most common Facebook games in the genre, like CityVille, but set in the old Egypt.

You have to produce resources, by planting crops, raising animals or chopping trees to gather wood, this resources will later be necessary to construct your buildings.

You can also fully customize your character, and there is a special architect mode to redecorate you city, all very simple and intuitive.

Graphically very appealing, with nice and fast game dynamics, clear tutorial and quests. It also features collections, and Wonders to build like the Great Sphinx or the Hanging Gardens.

You can also visit your friends and help out in their city, or ask for parts to build specific buildings, much like in othet Facebook games.

PyramidVille gameplay videos

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