Puzzle Treasure

Puzzle Treasure is a unique and colorful new Facebook game that brings the tactile joy of solving tricky Tangram puzzles while earning and collecting treasures and rare artifacts! Share rewards or compete with your friends! Best of all, it’s free to play!

Puzzle Treasure is developed by Play-bit and published on Facebook by 6 Waves, and offers an original gameplay where you take the role of an explorer searching for artifacts on several locations, in order to recover those artifacts you have to unlock closed door that stand between you and the treasure rooms and artifacts.


Puzzle Treasure gameplay is divided into three main areas, or game modes, the adventure quest, where you play solo, and have to go on quests with several stages, when you get to the end of the quest you will be rewarded with an artifact to place on your museum.

The arcade mode lets you play individual puzzles for fun, and the Time attack mode where you have to solve as many possible puzzles within a time limit.

As you progress in the game, more puzzle and challenges will become available with increased difficulty, you can also invite your friends to play, and compete for the Title of Legendary Treasure Hunter or send and request energy packs.

Playing requires energy, that is refilled over time, opening additional chests also requires energy.

Gameplay Video

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