Pirate Clan

Pirate Clan is a browser based social role playing game available on Facebook, Myspace and Hi5 platforms, and lets you live the life of a Pirate, choose from 3 different character classes, improve skills, fight bosses and engage in PVP battles with other players.

Master the lawless high seas as a cutthroat captain! Assemble a crew of swashbuckling seadogs, command unstoppable fleets, complete legendary exploits, expand your holdings, rob imperial navies and buccaneers alike, and send your rivals to a watery grave.

There are scores of adventures to complete, hundreds of achievements to earn, infamous captains to slay, enemies to heave plankside, and over a dozen locales to overthrow, spread over the wide blue breadth of the Seven Seas. Invite your mateys to combine forces and share in the plunder. And with content updated weekly, it’ll be a sailors life for all of you for a long time to come.


Official game forumFacebook page

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