PartyMania is a Facebook game where you become a world known party planner and light up the whole land of PartyMania. Follow the map to conquer the land by partying all around with your Facebook friends.

With the help of Richie the party planner, your goal is to throw awesome parties all over Partyland. Everything is for you to decide; from the music played at your parties to the food and drinks served. Take your chance at being the best host ever by creating parties like never before!

You can also visit your friends parties and help out by working in one the attractions and get some money!

Important tips:

  1. The more people you invite to your party- the more money you earn!


  2. The higher the fun of your party – the more coins your guests spend at your stands!
  3. The stands you buy for your party add points to its fun!
  4. Want to earn more coins? You can work at one stand in each of your friends’ parties and gain tips. Also you can take your shot at being the Beat Host during the Happy Hour mini-game.

Kay features:

  • Party up with your Facebook friends
  • Play your favorite music
  • Complete exciting tasks to achieve your party goals and explore 15 cool locations
  • Try your luck daily with our exceptionally fun Turntable of Fortune!
  • Become the Best Host in PartyMania history
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