New In Town

New In Town is a social simulation Facebook game similar to The Sims Social, a virtual world game by Digital Chocolate. You just freshed out of high school, and a whole world of opportunity lays before you. Anything is possible when you’re new in town!


You start by customizing your character, gender, hair, face, and body features. Then there is a whole life to live, find a job, get some money, buy clothes, take care of your apartment, fulfill quests and goals, etc.

New In Town gameplay is divided into days, and in each day you have to balance your actions, and the amount of energy you can spend before you get tired and need to sleep.

The game features great graphics and overall look, and can be a nice option to The Sims Social if a few tweaks can be made to gameplay by the developers.

Key Features:

• Create and customize your own new character
• Compete with your old high school friends in 60 smart and sophisticated episodes
• Discover everything about the lives, loves, and laughs of your old buddies

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