NanoStar Siege

NanoStar Siege is a strategy Facebook game. Engage in epic battles against opponents on Facebook!

NanoStar Siege is a mix between Tower Defense and Collectible Card Games, your goal is to fight and defeat other players castles while defending your own castle.

Fight, defend, and emerge victorious as you challenge friends in NanoStar Siege! Destroy enemy armies and experience the first competitive tower defense game on Facebook!

Customize your army with different troops to storm your challenger’s castle! Exclusively available: acquire NanoStar characters that turn into a unique hero or ability in game, which can then be used in attacking a kingdom or defending your own!

Game Features

  • Battle your friends on Facebook with medieval armies to obtain the glorious #1 position
  • Collect over 150 NanoStar™ characters each with a unique ability to increase your edge in battle
  • Command your army of swordsmen, archers and slayers into epic battles
  • Crush kingdoms by calling in reinforcements, troop boosters, direct damage weapons and special attacks
  • Protect your castle with powerful heroes and cunning defense formations that outsmart your attackers
  • Claim honor and fame by building your kingdom with unlock-able upgrades and rewards
  • Earn title ranks that prove your power among all of the Facebook warlords

NanoStar Siege Video

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