My Country

My Country is a city building/simulation game for Facebook. Are you ready to rule your own country along with friends, manage transportation networks, build sky-scrapers and huge businesses?

My Country stands out from the actual city building/simulation Facebook games by going further, instead of managing your own city or doing some farming in your land, it takes you from managing a small village to taking care of an entire country all of this with the help of your friends.

While you have lots of similar tasks to other games, like building etc, it adds some twists that really make the game more challenging and different, and managing at the same time, to not being  too demanding on gameplay.

My Country adds something more to the game genre, adds more realism, as every aspect of the game has been carefully taken into consideration, you have to balance your actions, as an example, it is not enough to finish a building, you have to hire staff so it can produce and make money, you also need to get some contracts to produce.

There are also environmental questions to consider, the forms of energy you use will affect your citizen, and you have to balance the pros and cons of your energy sources vs pollution, etc…, in this particular detail even decorations play an important role, as they actually have influence in the level of quality of life of your city.

And collections gain a new meaning in My Country, because they actually serve a purpose.


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