The French studio Feerik as just launched a new game on Facebook: Monstroville! A new type of community game that mixes collection, management and adventure!

An explosive mix of humor and good humor in which the player is Monstroville’s MonstroMayor, and tries to make humans and monsters live together in a monstrously colored world, for better or for worse!

Former cinema or TV extras, monsters have managed to obtain their own city after loud strikes and noisy demonstrations. Sometimes kind and helpful, sometimes scary and dangerous, they stroll around town, go on missions, visit lots of countries, are upgraded and above all, invade the world…



Monstroville is a social community game that combines two different game modes: a city-building game associated to missions. In a world full of monsters and humor!

Become the city mayor of a town full of humans and… monsters! Manage your territory, create new monsters, send them around the world to accomplish various missions. Humor and adventures at every street corner!

Monstroville offers over 260 monsters to collect, all of which come from various universes! Players can even swap monsters with his friends!

This is also a management game were you rule an atypical town… with the help of efficient – or not -assistants. The player will have to build the most prosperous and monstrous town!

Your 3 Monstro-Mayor missions:

Build the biggest and most monstrous city in which humans and creatures will live together.
Send your monsters for missions throughout the world to gain strength and fame!
Collect all those monstrous monsters, they are a hundred!

Gameplay video

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