Monster’s Planet

Monster’s Planet is a browser based Facebook game by Plinga, where you can breed a variety of cute monsters, working your way up from insects to mammals, fishes, and/or birds and go on a journey to discover new species and color variants as you redefine your own unique planet.

Monster’s Planet uses an interesting scheme to create monsters, where you have to match different color monsters to breed new ones, with lots of quests and tasks, it is really interesting and a nice game for younger gamers, with even an educational purpose.

The game is also available free to download and play on iPad, published by MatrixJoy Inc.

Features for iPad:

  • Thousands of monsters are growing on the land, the ocean, and the sky of monsters planet, come on and use monsters to cultivate new species!
  • Breeding monsters get genes, and through gene synthesis you can create a mysterious new species.
  • Get new monster from your friends.

The myriads changes of monsters species,the myth of world experience, unlimited space, endless conquest.

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