Monster World

Monster World is a farming game available on Facebook and IOS! Explore a strange and mysterious land while you grow and harvest Chocolate Flowers, Unicorn Trees, Lemonade Bushes and many other plants. Expand and decorate your very own monster patch.

You can explore a strange and mysterious land while you grow and harvest Chocolate Flowers, Unicorn Trees, Lemonade Bushes and many other familiar and unfamiliar plants. Expand and decorate your very own monster patch with crazy items to realize your own unique vision of a Monster World!

Monster World Tips

When you plant a crop it needs water to grow. A helper who you hire will water them for you. Make sure your helper stays happy and fed or else he won’t water your plants.

Each plant has a different harvesting time. It can take from 5 minutes to 72 hours to grow. The harvesting output is 2-5 times more than the initial plant. Click on the plant shop or on the “plants” tab in your inventory and mouse over the plant in question to get details such as selling price, harvest time, output crops, points for harvesting and points for planting.

When you first start the game you automatically get 4 plots. In level 2 you get 6 more plots. From level 3 you can buy 4 by 4 plots (first complete 4 to be able to get another 4 plots).

To buy plots click on the “Expand” icon (next to the shop) and select your plot offer. You can use normal coins or Facebook Credits. From level 17 you will also need a certain number of friends to be able to buy more plots.

To move plots click the hand/”Move items” icon and then click on the plot to move it and click again to place it. You can also move them by clicking on the Shop and then following the same procedure.

Strike signs will appear on your plots when your helper is not happy and refuses to water plants. Your helper goes on strike when you don´t have enough happiness points and the necessary happiness bringing decoration items have not been placed in your garden.

To remove the strike sign and please your helper, decorate your garden. Each decoration provides a certain number of happiness points. Be sure to get the decorations with the most happiness points when you buy items in the shop.

I’ve added a lot of decorations, but some of my plots still have the “strike” signs, what should I do?

Click on the broken heart icon in the upper right corner of the game to check on your happiness status. Verify how many points you need to get your helper to water your plants and go off strike. Then buy the decorations in the shop that provide the most happiness points.

You can hire a helper from level 4 on. To hire click on the watering can icon located above the High Score List “Hire”, select your friend and click on the “Hire” button.

Your helper will water your plants as long as he is well fed. Click on the watering can icon to buy food for him. You can buy food that will keep him full for 1 hour, 6 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours. You can buy several bundles of food together but it will only amount to 24 hours at the most.

Trailer and Gameplay Videos

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