Miscrits of Volcano Island

Miscrits of Volcano Island is a new standalone expansion to the Widely played Miscrits Pokemon themed Facebook game, where players have to capture and battle with magical creatures called Miscrits.

This new expansion is held in Volcano Island and you have continue the search for those magical creatures called Miscrits. Train them, evolve them, and battle your Miscrits against others while you fight to save the world of Miscria.


After choosing and customizing your character, you will be welcomed by a guard which will give you your first Miscrit and teach the basic gameplay mechanics, and what you need to do in the game, which is to search the landscape on selectable objects like trees and rocks for Miscrits to fight and capture.

As your Miscrits fight they will gain experience, and when they level up you can train them, improving attributes and enchanting special skills that each Miscrit has.

Miscrits of Volcano Island is an adventure game with a huge world to explore, in town you have several different building, like a shop to buy items, the healer where you can heal your Miscrits and much more.

You can also add teammates by inviting friends to play, once your teammate request is accepted, you will be able to visit their houses, and heal their Miscrits, or you can challenge them for duels.

Like in the First Miscrits game there is also a battle arena where players can fight each other, you need a team of 4 Miscrits to enter the normal Battle Arena, and 4 level 30 Miscrits to enter the Platinum Battle Arena.

Miscrits of Volcano Island features nice graphics and full screen mode, but lacks the zoom options, which sometimes gets in the way while you are playing, the game has plenty of missions, and a fast paced gameplay, with fast leveling and sense of progression.

Trailer and gameplay videos

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