Miscrits of Sunfall Kingdom

Miscrits of Sunfall Kingdom (former Miscrits: World of Adventure) on Facebook is a role playing and adventure game, the game is Pokemon themed and the players must discover the world of Miscria, a mysterious and magical land filled with incredible creatures called Miscrits.

Miscrits of Sunfall Kingdom  starts with a small tutorial that guides you through the basic guidelines of gameplay. After choosing your first Miscrit monster, you’ll go into battle, which tends to be the bulk of the game.

Along your adventure you’ll collect Miscrits, and use them to battle and capture other Miscrits, much like Pokemon, the battles are turn based and the goal is to capture the little monsters, rather then finish them off, capturing can be a tricky thing, and you need to lower their health point in order to improve your chances of capturing them.

Although the core of the game, is the battle/capture, there is much more to it, with a huge game world, shop to buy items and even more miscrits and an engaging storyline and plot, Miscrits of Sunfall kingdom is a deep and rewarding gaming experience.

Furthermore you can engage in player-vs-player battles against other real player in the Arena which is a great feature, along with all the usual social mechanics that Facebook games have to offer.

Also checkout the worldofmiscrits Fan site with help, tips, creature and quest information about the game.

Trailer and gameplay videos

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