Mercenaries of War

Mercenaries of War is a free browser based strategy and role playing Facebook game published by Kaboom and developed by SyFy Games. Mercenaries of War borrows game features from games like Mafia Wars, with features text based dialogs and point and click  mechanics to watch the percentage bar go up until 100%, but features more than that, it also has some shooting action, where you have to aim and shoot enemies.

Mercenaries of War is set in the year 2040, a war of epic proportions between Russia and Northern Korea erupted, ending in a nuclear annihilation of Russia and China as well as North Korea and a majority of Asia. Other countries that have taken part in the war have also suffered major economical and industrial destruction. Oil, gold and the American dollar, the only recognizable currencies in the world, is extremely hard to come by.

You can fully customizing your avatar, body shape, gender, face, hair, etc…, after which you get into the story of the game, placing you as a mercenary in a small chaotic city, and you have to make your way through it.

You will be given several missions to complete, each action will cost energy, and give some kind of reward, either in the form of experience or bonus items. Some mission require special items, that you have to buy, in order to be able to complete the mission.

Mercenaries of War is divided into episodes and your ultimate goal is to rescue Jessica, the Dignitary’s daughter and you’ll be rewarded handsomely. Complete the missions, find the clues and track Jessica down and bring her home alive! But it won’t be easy! You’ll confront a series of obstacles on the way, either other Mercs on the same job or the corrupt soldiers of the new government getting in your way. In order to survive, accomplish your missions and build up your firepower and improve your abilities. Hire the most dangerous Mercenaries you can and reap the rewards!

Mercenaries of War visuals are great and very well polished, locations and characters are nicely designed, and the game structure is solid.

Battle Tips:

  • Take advantage of the squad size bonus.
  • Ensure you squad size is significant. Every friend playing counts as a squad member!
  • The more powerful your mercenaries are, the better your chance of success
  • Ensure you have powerful weapons for your avatar and your mercenaries
  • Ensure that you have body armor for your avatar and your mercenaries
  • Ensure that your avatar and mercenaries have full health before going into battle

Gameplay videos

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