Mahjongg Dimensions

Mahjong Dimensions is a classic Mahjong game with a big 3D twist, available on Facebook and Mahjong Dimensions on Facebook has everything you love about the original Arkadium hit packed into a one minute round. Challenge your friends and see how high you can score!

While not the classic mahjong game, this one is actually quite addictive, it has great graphics, fast paced gameplay, and gives a new dimension to the game. There is also a ranking system that helps you to compare to your friends or make team with them too, daily spinner wheel and lots of power-ups, but some you have to pay.

You also have a progression bar, that tells you how you are doing in the game.



Beat The Clock
Mahjongg Dimensions has everything you love about the original hit game packed into a timed round.

Challenge your Friends
Puzzle games like Mahjongg Dimensions are more fun when you play against friends!

Play Fast
The faster you match the cubes, the higher your multipliers, combos, and final score!

Get speed and match bonuses to elevate your score!

How to play

Like all addicting puzzle game, Mahjongg Dimensions is all about creativity, speed and memory.

Race through round after round by matching tiles and making them disappear.

Spin the Mahjongg cube and work your way to the top!

The addictive joy of finding and matching Mahjongg tiles only gets better when you are racing the clock in this puzzle game!

Clear as many Mahjongg tiles as possible before time runs out and watch your scores soar!

Tips and Tricks

For years now, mahjong has been one of the most popular puzzle games on the web. Below are some useful Mahjongg Dimensions tips and tricks!

You can click and match any tile set that has two adjacent sides free, matching a string of tiles in a row without making a mistake will result in higher scores.

To rotate the puzzle, you can either use the arrow buttons or the left and right arrow keys.

Make all of the matches in the puzzle to advance to the next stage.

Clear as many tiles as possible before time runs out to win this puzzle game!




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