Magic Land

Magic Land is a medieval City Building Facebook game developed by Wooga, it successfully joins various gameplay styles into a beautiful and well presented game.

Magic Land visuals are just fantastic, cute animated characters, giant dragons and ogres, beautiful landscapes, buildings and decorations, just great overall.

Magic Land uses some tricks from other city building games like CityVille, like boost from decorations, the need to connect building with roads, etc… construction is also done in several steps and needs to be finished.

But Magic Land features a lot more, you must also do some farming, place farms to produce food, and do some hack and slash, fighting dragons and ogres, to do this you will have to do some adventuring, clearing and exploring new sections of the game to progress.

The game features a really nice tutorial, easy to understand, that covers all the basic steps on building structures and connecting them to function.

Friends are need to staff your main buildings, and are needed as soon as you do your first Castle upgrade, you can also visit their kingdoms and help out doing some chores or helping out against their enemies.

Energy system is a little tight, so take this into account mainly when exploring, or you’ll run out of it very quickly.

All things considered, Magic Land is a very nice game that manages to successfully mixing various game genres and features into one, together with beautiful visuals, make up for a game that you should at least try!

Magic Land gameplay Videos

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