MafiaLife is a new mafia-themed role-playing gaming (MRPG) available on Facebook, it has more features to control your player actions, and more  details to challenge your game experience than any mafia game in the industry, built around virtual life in the mafia.
You get to build your mobster’s specialties, attributes, and characteristics while trying to stay out of trouble, the hospital, and jail. You work and interact with other MafiaLife players to try and keep your crime family, your crew, and yourself on top of the leader board.

In MafiaLife, you can devote any amount of time to playing and still coexist with the other players competitively. Any time you put in can be used to build your mobster and/or work with your family to do crimes. Play for 5 minutes to accept job invitations and level up, or play 10 minutes to earn mob cash and attack someone for your boss.

One of the greatest parts is that success is determined by each player’s individual goal at that moment. One player may want to clip his opponent. Another may want to help his family’s turf war by blowing up a few businesses. A third player can declare his two-level movement on the leader board a win if that’s what he’s working for. There are many ways to “win” at MafiaLife, because it’s up to each player. But there is no end to the gameplay of MafiaLife.

In MafiaLife there is a never-ending challenge to develop your character individually, bu ild your crew cooperatively, and interact as a crime family to commit unlimited crimes. No other mafia game allows for one-on-one, crew-on-crew, and family-on- family competitions. No other mafia game caters to both the “elite everyday” and the “sometimes casual” gamer, and keeps them both addicted.

Key Features:

  • Building mobster attributes, such as Accuracy, Intelligence, Intimidation, Luck, Respect, and Strength.
  • Earning Power, Money, and Crew  Respect to move up in ranks on your crime family tree.
  • Earn your button to get made as a soldier, lieutenant, capo, underboss, consigliere, or even the Don of your own crime family.
  • Build 25 different specialty levels, such as Bookie, Brawler, Driver, Earner, Enforcer, Hitman, Lookout, and Muscle.
  • Each level dictates your qualifications to organize or be invited to commit interactiv e crimes, and other actions.
  • Finish Mob Quests to prove your worthiness for special payouts such as collectors’ items, powerful weapons, and explosives.
  • Engage in player vs. player, crew vs. crew, and family vs. fa mily attacks, such as picking pockets, beatings, shootings, and more.
  • Purchase, attack, and defend businesses on your turf,  while trying to control your borough in your city.
  • Sell inventory on the black market to other mobsters who are  in need. Make a profit selling weapons, collectors’ items, explosives, vehicles, and other tools of the trade.
  • Collect dues, commit petty crimes, gamble, and hundreds of other ways to make your way in the MafiaLife.
  • Leader boards display the top mobsters  and families in several categories.
  • And more to come!

Additional Links:

Facebook PageOfficial Mafialife.comYoutube Channel

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