Mafia Warfare

Mafia Warfare is a new collectible card game on Facebook, developed by Diamond Yard where players collect cards and battle other players. Its single-player campaign and card-collecting pursuits take place in a mafia-themed atmosphere. Players take over landscapes such as New York, Russia, and Japan in mission-based campaigns, all while reaping rewards like money, diamonds, and more powerful cards. When a break from world domination is needed, users can climb global leaderboards in survival battles.

In Mafia Warfare the goal is to collect powerful cards and build the ultimate decks. There are eight levels of rarity distinguished by color. You begin with basic (white) cards. Acquiring cards of mythical (red) status is the ultimate goal. You get these cards by completing campaign missions or by accessing the in-game market. This marketplace is an important tool for improving decks, for there you’ll find gang packs, individual mercenaries, and equipments & specials.

The battles are where Mafia Warfare shines. At just the right pace, the battles are turn-based and highly user-influenced. A deck can consist of 8, 16, or 24 cards, each with their own strengths and special abilities. Once you choose a deck and enter any type of battle, your cards will then be shuffled and presented in twos. Each player has a turn to choose between the two cards that pop up, so strategy and the luck of the draw are intertwined. Once each player chooses their first card, they are now subject to the wait time of that unit, as is their enemy. As each turn arrives, it’ll be time to choose another card, and by now the enemy’s incoming cards will be visible, so players have to choose wisely. Decisions will be based on several factors, including your attack strength, enemy card weakness, special abilities, and wait time.

Depending on how large the decks in the battle are, players are afforded a certain amount of health. As a card defeats another, the rest of the cards on the battlefield will slide over, leaving you vulnerable if your enemy has more units. For example, if you have two units against your enemy’s three, and it’s their turn to attack, you will take damage. Defeat comes when your leadership reaches zero or when all of your cards are defeated. The goal is simple: to either defeat all cards, or keep yours on the battlefield longer than the enemy.

In Mafia Warfare, the world’s hitmen, snipers, medical units, and more are at your disposal. Each card has unique stats, special abilities, and even personalities. These units hail from major crime capitals, and each have their own story and motives. Baisley Jackson, for example, is described as a “Rucker Park frequenter…who splits his time shooting hoops and rival gang members.” Challenging him to H.O.R.S.E. could cost you more than just pride. The effectiveness of these cards is dependent on their stats, which include attack strength, health, wait time, and special abilities. All of these factor into the decisions you make at every turn, hence the strategic nature of Mafia Warfare’s combat system. A unique aspect of many cards is their special ability, which can turn the tide in your favor. At any given moment, one of your units can silence all enemies for an entire turn, evade an enemy attack, heal a weakened soldier, and so on.

The multiplayer aspect of Mafia Warfare is addictive and fun. By entering random one-on-one battles, your decks are put to the test against players from around the world. If you win, you’re rewarded with money. If you lose, then you’ve gained the motivation to keep bettering your decks. In addition, survival mode pits your units against the mother of all decks. In this mode, your cards of each respective level battle against a seemingly unending onset of enemy cards. You gain points for damage done and actual kills, which are added together to give you a total score. Live global leaderboards update every time a high score is reached, so real bragging rights are on the line.


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