Madden NFL Superstars

Are you ready to coach your own NFL team to glory in Madden NFL Superstars? Create your own franchise, draft NFL players, build stadiums and attract fans. Set practice sessions to keep your team fit and pit them against real NFL teams for a chance at Super Bowl rings! Compete against your friend’s teams for in-game prizes and bragging rights!

Game Features:

Massively Multiplayer Online Facebook Game (MMOFBG) allows millions of players to compete in the same platform.

Madden NFL Superstars empowers fans in the way few has ever done, and allows them to do much more than simply scream along the sidelines of the stadium.

Awesome graphics, superstars with real-life identities, and highly-simulated game modes all make the gaming experience here a nail-biter in every sense.

Something this huge will, however, not take you a long time to get the hang. No complex instructions, no confusing bars. A few clicks, that’s all you need to do the trick.

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