Lucky Space

Lucky Space is a social city building game available on Facebook where you build and run your own bustling space colony, watch it thrive or be destroyed by cosmic disasters! Lucky Space is  CityVille on outer space, with a nice storyline and some improvements.

In Lucky Space you start out by landing into a distant deserted planet, with a piece of land a your distant uncle left you, you have to explore round to get some building space, you need to provide food to your population by building food producing structures, you also have to build all sorts of different types of support structures, from ATM machines to mining facilities.

Structures need to be connected to your main building in order to work, and you need to explore the terrain for ore, to fin a suitable place to build the mining structures. The quests are plenty, and you will have always a lot to do, but the energy won’t let you… later there are several ways to optimize energy use.

Graphically the game is great, nice graphics and cut scenes, full screen mode, make Lucky Space very pleasant to play. So  you are looking for a different city building game set in space, Lucky Space is your game.

Lucky Space gameplay videos

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