Lucky Cruise

Lucky Cruise is a new Facebook game about slots and travel, published by 6waves and developed by Large Animal Games. This is not your average slot machine experience. Play your favorite WMS slot games and use special “good luck charms” to improve the outcome of your spins!


Lucky Cruise combines elements of slot machine sims and time management which combine into an addictive quality gameplay experience for players and a strong sense of progression.

In Lucky cruise you don’t just play slots for fun, your are in charge of a cruise ship that runs on luck, which means you need to earn the necessary luck to get your ship to the next destination in your worldwide travel adventure. Once you disembark in each destination you get to play a simple themed game of flipping tiles in order to find power-ups or extra chips hidden beneath them. Uncovering a skull will end the game and cheat you of half of your potential winnings, but the game makes it possible to overcome a losing streak if you cash in before revealing the skull.

Luck can be acquired in several ways. The main means through which players earn luck is simply by playing the game’s slot machines, all of which are based on WMS Gaming’s various video slots products. Playing a machine earns luck every time the reels are spun, with higher-stake machines earning more luck per spin. Players must also keep track of their chips, since running out means they’ll be unable to play any more, though these are replenished every few hours and can also be topped up by spending Facebook Credits.

Overall, Lucky Cruise is another slots machine simulation, free to play and with no real winnings, but add extra entertainment features and goals for players, with nice graphics and beautiful locations.

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