Lost Bubble

Lost Bubble is a new bubble shooter Facebook game, this time by the hand of Peak Games sited on Turkey. Travel through time and unravel mysteries as you clear the Land of Pandora’s boxes! This is the catch phrase used by the developers, and you will be shooting bubbles in a Greek mythology rich scenario with a great and relaxing background music.


It is impossible to review a bubble shooter without comparing it to other titles in the market, as they are all so similar, both in gameplay and features. Well, Lost Bubble is no exception, the basics are all there, you have to use your magic wand to shoot bubbles, and match 3 or more of the same color to make them explode, attached ones will fall and improve your score.

But there are a lot of other features in the game to make it worth playing, Lost Bubble currently has 10 different scenarios or locations to play, each with 10 different levels, set with various themes, colors, backgrounds and features.

How to finish each level is somewhat different from other titles, you don’t need to clear a certain number of bubbles in the top row, but instead you have to release the Pandora Boxes scattered in the middle of the bubbles. Also you cannot hit them directly or you fail to finish the level and lose one life.

You start with 4 lives and you can buy an upgrade to hold up to 9 lives, but the game is pretty generous, and you can get lives from your friends or wait for a while, because they regenerate over time.

In each level you have to try to achieve the best score possible, allowing to earn from 1 to 3 keys, this basically represent the same star system found in Bubble Witch Saga and other similar titles, these key are necessary to unlock new locations, but you can also ask your friends for help or just buy them with credits.

Tip – To multiply your score, you must pay attention to the falling bubbles, some may hit the bottom of the screen and bounce, you have to move your mouse over the resulting stars or even bubbles to collect points and extra bubbles, this is actually only a question of keeping this in mind, because the gameplay is not time based, so you can make a move and collect without hurry.

Lost Bubble also features a lot of power ups, and multipliers which really make a difference when it comes to scoring, so try to hit the multiplier ones for higher scores.

Overall, while not offering really anything new to the core genre and gameplay, but it can be seen as another option for fans of the genre, to play more and different levels in a really relaxing environment.

Trailer and gameplay videos

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