Jewels of the Amazon

Jewels of The Amazon is a match-3 Facebook Game by Mindjolt. The goal is to align three or more jewels to earn points and help Sarah, the archaeologist, unlock the ancient relics she needs to solve the mystery!

The Story

My name is Sarah Dylen, and I am an archeologist. While searching the museum’s archives, I found a strange relic, revealing the location of a mythical lost temple in the Amazon.

Rubbish! Fairy tales! That’s impossible – it cannot exist. We’ll not have you embarrass this venerable institution, young lady!

But I needed to follow my instinct and go to the Amazon. I knew it was no fairy tale. At least, I hoped it wasn’t…

The villagers led me to a secret cave, the cavern of lost relics. There I found slots for 7 more missing relics, just like the first one I assembled.

It says here that finding all 8 relics will lead us to the lost civilization of the Amazon! Please, I need your help to find these relics! Let’s continue our quest!


Jewels of the Amazon gameplay is divided in two modes, the first one is the quest mode, where you have to follow the game story, with 70 levels distributed in stages or areas. The final level of each area features a different gameplay scheme, it begins with pieces of the artifact being scattered across the game board, and in order to move on to the next area you have to match gems so that those pieces fall to the bottom of the board. All this in the time limit!

The second is called blitz mode, and you can compete against other players in weekly Tournaments, this is a classic time based match-3 where you have to get the highest score possible, here you should make use of the several power ups available.

Socially you can send lives to your friends, collect stars and badges and compare scores or brag when you pass someone in a level.

Jewels of the Amazon is another match-3 game on Facebook, but it looks great, with beautiful presentation, solid game mechanics and enough variation to make it worth a try!

You can check for tips on how to play in the screenshots above, or you can take a look at our First Look gameplay video below with the whole first area levels and review of the game help tips.

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