Jammy Dragon – City Building and Dragons mixed on Facebook

Jammy Dragon is a new city building social Facebook game by 6Waves, set in the age of dragons and magic, were you play the role of a small village chief who’s mission is to protect and expand against the devil invasion.

This is done by celebrating contracts with friendly dragons, you need to provide the necessary conditions for them to settle in your village, you need to pet them by giving love in the form of hearts and building the structures they want,  as reward they provide protection and go on mission for you.

So while at its core Jammy Dragon is a city building game, with all the usual mechanics, you need to build different structures, each with specific purposes. You have several types of buildings or structures:

Facilities are for dragons, like the Lard Station, Firework Station or Hatchery, these ensure your dragon visitors are happy and develop they consume food and provide money. Also new facilities bring new visiting dragons. As each dragon increases level, it will requires more facilities to continue to grow.

Housings increase population and earn hearts, while farms produce food at expense of coins.

There are also decorations, which improve the revenue of surrounding structures, expansions and special buildings like the Altar of Fire or the Expedition Office, the first one is necessary to celebrate contracts with the dragons and the second allows you to adventure into the World of Dilmun on Missions against devil enemies.

Expeditions require a series of resources, including hearts, gathered from your dragons and buildings. Speaking of resources, you have several to manage and balance, gold, diamonds, food, hearts, and energy each serves its own purpose in the game.

Jammy Dragon as most Facebook games, relies on having friends, these can help you out on your quests, provide necessary resources and give hearts to your dragons, they are also very important if you want to succeed in expeditions.

There are also achievements to accomplish with the proper rewards, collections to finish, and all the usual social options, like sharing, asking for help, etc…

The game will keep you entertained for most of the time, it features lots of micro management action, most collect cycles are short, and you have to give hearts to your dragons every couple of minutes, while at start this can be interesting, later in can become a little repetitive, but overall Jammy Dragon offers a bunch of gameplay mechanics worth checking out. City building, resource management, quests and adventure missions provide players a lot of variation. And dragons are cute!

Trailer and gameplay videos

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