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Idle Worship is a god game, (technically it’s a polytheistic god game) available on Facebook and developed by Idle Games. Play synchronously with anyone on Facebook to build the largest religion as you vie for the worship of friends, strangers and the rather dim indigenous population called Mudlings.

As you develop your civilization, protect your followers from real-time attacks by other gods and the vile Gel Bags. Rule by fear and terror or kindness and compassion…the fate of your flock is in your hands.

Playing the game.

All you need to start Idle Woship is to follow the tutorial, excellent graphics, cute and funny animations, create your first mudling and start building things ups, just follow the lead and tips given by the game.


Followers are the main goal in Idle Worship, all the gameplay revolves around them, creating a loyal legion of Followers is easy, if you know how to do it. First, every mudling you create on your own islands counts as a Follower, but don’t take him for granted: allowing him to starve or get fat will cause him to stop following you. Also, every Convert and Prophet you create will count as a Follower (and will generate permanent Followers to contribute to the cause). Lastly, any Mudling praying to you anywhere in the world via an altar will count as a Follower. See? You’ll have Followers coming out of your ears soon.

How can I make another god’s Mudling love me?

All you have to do is make a Convert or a Prophet. Prophets can be made by blessing the ever loving -er- mud out of another God’s Mudling. When the blue faith meter completely covers the green, you can make a Prophet. Converts, on the other hand, are created by cursing foreign Mudlings so much that they stop believing in their own gods. Click the ‘Convert Now’ button when their faith is low enough, and he’ll start generating followers for you. Just be careful who you mess with. Love is fickle.

Someone converted my mudling! This angers me.

Smite him! Smite him with vengeful holy wrath! Or coax him back with blessings…whatever powers you cast on him will reduce his faith in the false god. When he’s low enough, you’ll see a ‘convert back’ button. Click that sucker! You can also cast Monotheism to unconvert an entire island’s worth of Mudlings! What you do with him after that…is your business.

Protecting Yourself

The best defense is to Keep your Mudlings at high faith, this will force other gods to work harder to bring their faith down. Also, make sure you have high influence by building decorations and if you feel no shame, you can always hide behind your Shield of Cowardice.

Inviting Friends

Is this game going to beg me to invite all my friends to play?

No… Well, maybe a little. But don’t worry, you can still progress in the game without your friends. We’ll populate your game map or “region view” in a way designed to hook you up with people we think you’ll get along with.


Spread your godly seeds throughout your realm by selecting one of the whirlpools in your Islands view. If you’re the correct level and have the required amount of Followers, you can create an Island just like that.

Leveling up

Cast god powers, build stuff, upgrade stuff, answer prayers. All of this will give you XP, and more XP makes you level up more often. You’ll get stronger gradually, and unlock more powers as you go.


Docks are your trade hubs. Here you can set what resources you want, and which you are willing to part with. Additionally, you can send shipments of resources to yourself or other players, and check the log to see who sent you what. While you need a dock to send resources, you don’t need one to receive resources, so don’t be surprised if a transpo-whale ends up on your doorstep unannounced from time to time.

Mine gold. Steal from gold bombs. Perform god powers. Answer missions. Level up. Build gold generators. Buy gold. Be happy (note: being happy won’t get you gold but getting gold might make you happy!).

Tips about resources

First: You can always beg for gifts of stone, wood, or care packages…begging is totally god-like.
Second: If that’s beneath you, you could always cast ‘Regen Tree’ or ‘Regen Stone’ on yourself to get those resources to grow back.
Third: If you want to stop this from happening in the first place, make sure that you never cut trees down all the way to stumps. If you assign a Mudling to a tall, healthy tree he’ll stop at a safe juncture automatically. But if you assign him to a small, puny tree he’ll break out his chainfish and finish the job.
Fourth: On the other hand, you don’t have to worry too much about these resources; seismic activity will make stone available randomly – even if you’ve mined it all the way- and trees that haven’t been whittled down to stumps regenerate in just a day!

More from FAQ

My Mudlings won’t work! What’s the story? I thought I was god.

Does he have a lot of junk with him? If so, then he wants shelter but don’t expect him to work for it. Mudlings need huts to put all their stuff in order. So either build more huts or upgrade the ones you have. Also, you can ship his lazy butt elsewhere with the dock or have him serve in death by sacrificing him to the volcano or the deep blue sea.

Does your Mudling resemble a large bean bag? Or is he begging for food? Fat Mudlings need exercise. Starving Mudlings need food. The God Powers ‘exercise’ or ‘feed the starving’ will remedy either situation, but only for a time. For a long term solution, you’ll have to adjust their food supply. Mudlings eat 1 fish every hour and they won’t get fat with only a day’s worth of fish or even two days’…but somewhere after that, they will.

How do I convince someone to build an Altar for me without beating their Mudlings to a muddy stain?

Persuade them. It’s that simple. You can always ask them nicely, shower them with blessings and gifts, offer trade for something they need or show your true evilness and curse them. In Idle Worship as in life, there’s more than one way to get someone to recognize your awesomeness.

My construct stopped generating Gold! Why?

The inner-workings of constructs like the prayer box or mudalope ride are very complex. Constructs require additional resources to maintain. Wood or fish must be used to replace busted parts and keep these things continually pumping out gold or faith.

Gameplay Videos


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