HotShot is a peggle clone to Popcap original,but this one is free to play on Facebook!

If you are a fan of arcade games HotShot is the game for you, your mission is to shoot several orange pegs from a cannon on top of the screen, once you hit them all you finish the level, although this as to be done before you run out of projectiles…

On the bottom of the game screen there’s a bucket moving from one side to another, while your projectile bounces around the screen from one ball to another, if you get lucky and your projectile land inside the moving bucket, you are awarded a free projectile.

The game as managed to merge skillfully social interaction bonus to the gameplay, making this arcade sort of game a nice example of how arcade and puzzle games should make their way into social gaming.

As you play, you gain badges for finishing levels, you also get rewards and new power-ups.

The game features a leader board, where you can compare your performance to your friends, send gifts, invite friends to play etc…

Great graphics, playability and additional social features make this game a must try for arcade fans.

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