Horse Haven

Horse Haven is a new Facebook game where you to raise, nurture, and breed horses developed  by Ubisoft. Experience the thrill of being a horse ranch owner, maintain buildings and stables, care your horses, compete against friends in special horse competitions, and much more!


In Horse Haven you take the role of a sole inheritor of a once champion horse ranch now fallen into disrepair, you must find a way to return it to its former glory. With just a few ruined  buildings, a stable, a farmstead, and some deteriorated drinking troughs and hay racks, you will only have a short amount of time to turn the horse ranch around. With only one lonely foal to start with you’ll need to expand your stable through a combination of breeding and nurturing.

When you start playing Horse Haven,  you first need to create your horse, choose the gender, color and name! You can interact with your horse by clicking directly on him. Your horse will always indicate what it needs by showing a blue bubble above its head. You can pet, clean, and play with your horse directly. Doing these actions keeps him/her happy.

Your horse also needs to eat, drink, and learn new techniques. If your horse is indicating that it wants to do these actions, you can click on the object he wants and he will automatically interact with it.

You can also visit your friend’s ranch at any time to help them out by clicking on weeds in their ranch. Helping maintain your friend’s ranch will increase your energy!

If you like to decorate, Horse Haven also has something to offer in that matter, you can add useful buildings, plants, roads and other cool things to your ranch to make it unique and help develop your horses!

You have two main objectives in Horse Haven. The first one is to make your horses happy and teach them skills so that you can eventually win the Broncopolis cup. This part follows a repetitive cycle, pet, food, water, rest, learn, in each cycle your horse will grow 1 year and become more valuable and learn new skills.

The second goal is to expand and maintain your ranch by pulling weeds, adding new buildings, decorating it and more! The more expansive your ranch, the better the horses you will breed.

The tutorial will teach you the basic gameplay, and reveals some usual farming and city building mechanics, place buildings with several clicks, or plant some crops to feed your foal are some of them.

Horse Haven gameplay is actually fast paced and solid, but there are some stuff you should pay attention to, for example paths, you must leave free space for you foal to wonder around from one activity to another.

Socially you can visit your friends farms, help them out, or ask for parts needed to finish some building, you can also participate in the horse competition when you reach the necessary level.

Breeding an important section of Horse Haven, there are 3 different ways to breed your horses, using 3 different buildings:

  • The Breeding Station: Allows you to breed one of your horses with horses from the public breeding association.
  • The Breeding Meadow: Allows you to breed one of your horses with horses from your friends.
  • The Breeding Paddock: Allows you to breed two of your own horses.

Once your horse is an adult and ready for action, you can send him to one of these 3 buildings.

Overall, Horse Haven is one of the Best Horse themed games available, and it is free on Facebook, with really nice and detailed visuals and good gameplay span, for Horse lovers and fans.

Gameplay Videos and trailers

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