Hoop de Loop Saga

Hoop de Loop Saga is a new online ball shooter game from King.com and available on Facebook. You need to collect as many jewels as you can before you run out of time, to achieve this youhave to create jewels by matching three balls or more from the same color to create chain reactions in a moving train. The longer combos you make, the more valuable jewels you get.

Additionally you have to make sure to clear the balls before the train reaches the Volcano to avoid game over. Get all the jewels in the front of the train by activating the Collector. Timing is essential!

Hoop de Loop Saga gameplay is similar to the one found on Zuma Blitz, but uses timed levels, with lots of variation and goals, Lightning gems, for instance, destroy other nearby gems, and rainbow gems destroy all gems of a particular color. The game is divided, as most “saga” titles from King.com, in this case into Islands with several levels each, with minimum score requirements, a star rating system lots of power-ups and content. Definitely a great game that you should try!

How to play

  1. Shoot the balls to match 3 balls or more of the same color to clear them before they reach the Volcano.
  2. Make chain reactions to generate bonus jewels that appear in the train of balls. The longer combos you create, the more valuable jewels you will get.
  3. Activate the Collector by shooting two balls in rapid succession at the target above the hole. All jewels in a suite – with no ball in between – at the front of the train will be collected for points.

Trailers and gameplay Videos

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